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Phillip Bogolub - Conscious Communication

Episode Summary

Phillip Bogolub, the founder of Bogolub Records and creator of the AJANOI mindful immersion system. Philip shares his background in engineering and music before discussing how AJANOI can help business owners engage employees and improve well-being through conscious communication techniques. Phillip explores how developing the right mindset through mindfulness and imagination can help solve problems and generate new ideas for any business or individual.

Episode Notes

Some of the key takeaways and lessons learned from the interview include:

- Developing employee purpose and engagement from the top down is important for retention and business success.

- Getting into silence on a regular basis allows your subconscious mind to solve problems and generate new ideas.

- Exercising the mind in new ways through techniques like mindfulness can improve well-being for both individuals and businesses.

- Having a positive mindset that is consciously developed through practices like imagination is important for overcoming challenges.

- Using music, light, and other stimuli can help engage the mind in a unique way to solve problems and communicate consciously.

- Developing specificity in goals and visions is important to manifesting or creating what you want according to your belief system.

- Business owners should find ways to improve their own well-being and mindset in order to better support their employees and customers.


Phillip Bogolub


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