Harvest to Pour: Business of Beverages

Upshot Coffee

Episode Summary

In this episode, I talk to Conor VanBuskirk, the owner and operator of Upshot Coffee, a specialty coffee roasting and café business based in St. Charles, Missouri. Conor discussed his entrepreneurial journey from originally owning chocolate franchises to pivoting into the coffee industry. He detailed Upshot's business model of sourcing high quality coffee beans directly from farmers around the world. Conor also emphasized the company's focus on customer service and new product development. Additionally, the importance of saying "yes" to opportunities presented to you and how that is guided him. Conor also talks about their experiences from a recent trip to a coffee farm in Brazil to see the harvesting process first-hand.

Episode Notes

Show Notes

1. Conor's background and how he got into the coffee business after previously owning chocolate franchises.

2. Upshot's coffee sourcing process, including working with importers and doing sample roasting.

3. Conor's recent trip to a coffee farm in Brazil where he saw the harvesting process first-hand and conducted fermentation experiments. The BeanPod Ep. 18 - Brazil Origin trip (Part. 2)

4. The challenges of the coffee supply chain and ensuring quality from harvest to cup.

5. Upshot's focus on customer service and new product development.

6. Industry trends Conor sees, like the rise of drive-thru coffee shops and focus on specialty coffee experiences.

7. Advice Conor gives for those wanting to start their own coffee business.

8. Upcoming events and ways for customers to find Upshot Coffee's products and cafes.


Upshot Coffee

5326 Highway N, Cottleville, MO